This is the stupidest thing I've ever done.

Even Hubert looked worried.


How long will you be staying with us?

I'm asking you not to fulfill any of my requests.

I didn't ignore her.

Lloyd never stopped loving you.

I shouldn't have downloaded that.

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I'd like to live in Australia.

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We are banking on fine weather for the sports day.


I lost the book you gave me.

This isn't as hard as it looks.

Surely someone will come today and help us.

It satisfies every time.

He wrote "regards" at the end of the letter and then signed his name.


You've told Tyler, haven't you?

Are there any famous musicians on the stage?

He cut off a piece of meat.

In a sense, I can understand his confusion.

When I visited my friend in Nagoya, I was treated to delicious soba.

The future was better before.

I'm sure I lost at least 6 and a half pounds this week.


I hope you'll never turn Communist.

This poem was written last night.

Carsten told me that I should spend more time with my children.

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The boss could not approve of what one of his men did.

I'll be the one helping Vance, not you.

I am often mistaken.


Did you get a good look at the pin he was wearing on his lapel?


Honzo wouldn't tell me his girlfriend's name.

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It must be Dominick.

Your first draft was fine.

The price that the famous pay for their celebrity is a lack of privacy.

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Vijay tried to sell his house.

We're a little understaffed right now.

I had to arrest them.

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She seldom goes to places like that.

Who knows more about you than your own mother?

The precision ratio is an index that indicates how many articles meet the search criteria out of all of the articles retrieved.

He wants something cold.

It's better to chill white wine before you serve it.

Do you think it difficult to speak Kadazan?

We've got to go warn Alison.

I saw you snickering.

You may have a point.


He was confronted with the evidence.

To my regret, my father could not recover from his long illness.

He gave me a fierce look.

I kept still and said nothing.

Winnie walked in and sat on the couch.


Walking along the street, I hit on a solution to the problem.


She wants to know how to lose weight safely.

The sky was full of stars.

Ole is going to have a fit.

I feel kind of frustrated.

I hate this uniform.

Boston is a dangerous city.

My dish-washing duties are a heavy burden.

Much as I'd like to come, I'm afraid I'll be too busy.

Maria is sad today.


He has an inferiority complex.

The teacher kicked her out of class.

If you turn to the left, you'll see a white building.

The bouncer was accused of assaulting a drunken patron.

Walter lost his key.

I need to hide these Christmas presents somewhere that Mike can't find them.

What is it, Nancy?

I will see you on next Tuesday, that is to say, the 10th of September.

This is somebody else's problem.

You can't accuse him of theft without having proof.

Woody didn't want me to kiss him.

I'm busy, Sjaak.

Micky wasn't with Beth.

What a marvelous suggestion!

What do you think they want to do?

I like her all the better for that.

I have to do whatever Alexander tells me to do.

Are you aware of how much she loves you?

He closed his eyes.

Weren't you crying?

Call me when you get off of work.

I think I see the problem.

I'd like to hear Winston's opinion at least once before we come to a conclusion.


It is preferable that he gets there by tomorrow.

I watched them destroy the old building.

Cigarettes are pacifiers for adults.

He came to New York in order to look for a job.

I came by to say hi.

I feel like I'm going insane.

I suppose him to be honest.

No one is more universally despised than the fence-sitter, a person who refuses to take a position but criticizes that of everyone else.

He abstained from smoking.


We've been through a lot.


He's rich rather than poor.

Please get rid of the dead leaves.

Don't even touch me.

Though only 16, he is independent of his parents.

I'm sorry, but the only thing I know how to say in this beautiful language is this sentence.


You can go wherever you want to go.


I'll get off at the next station.


I'm really looking forward to seeing you.

Please let go of my hand.

Sid doesn't know what got into Syun.


Les shouldn't be allowed to do that.

After much consideration, we accepted his offer.

The seventh day of the week is Sunday.


The parking lot is free of charge.


I'd like Pravin to handle this investigation.

It was a complete nightmare.

I'll show you around.

What's up with you and him?

Olaf poked Saify in the eye with a stick.

This wall is taller than that one.

I'm not sure about this.


Jin should be worried.


I may go skiing at Zao next month.

We have room for thirty people.

Did Kriton borrow money from you?

There was lots of gold inside the sarcophagus.

Noam appears satisfied.

Could you drop me off?

This is the only road to the next town.

Yoko speaks English, doesn't she?

Shankar arrived last.

Greek philosophers placed value on democracy.

Trevor said that Margie was drunk.

Is that pencil yours?

This is all I'm taking with me.

The entire book was written by hand.

Jacob wondered why Roberta was so late.

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I don't know why you're all so angry.

It's a question of life or death.

You're not depressed, are you?


These tomatoes are tasteless.


The poor man was stretched out on the ground, unconscious.


Ole always takes his time in everything he does.

Go back to the office.

I thought about you!

Don't try to find fault with others.

I must speak to him.

The traveler reached his destination at last.

Is benzoic acid safe as a food preservative?


Are you saying Jamie was the one who broke the window?

I've asked them to help you.

I'm afraid the monster is going to come tonight.

Lynnette works on Wall Street.

The moon hid her face in the cloud.


The door will lock automatically when you go out.

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He works like a maniac.

He is a strange man.

I will speak with you tomorrow.

Matt would love it.

The fish tasted like salmon.


This stone is twice as heavy as that one.


At this time, he' the Pacific League's top batter.

What are you negotiating?

He loves listening to classical music.

I think Herman is harsh.

Pull your robe together.

It won't happen.

He rested and became stronger.

His creditors are after him.

I had to be self-sufficient.


Your coat is very beautiful.